Nespresso Inissia Descaling

Descale Nespresso Inissia with Easy-to-Follow Instructions

Nespresso Inissia, a trusty companion in my quest for that perfect cup of joe. As the mornings dawned upon me, there was nothing quite like the aromatic embrace of freshly brewed coffee to jolt my senses awake. But alas, even the most steadfast machines need a little tender loving care from time to time. 

As with any coffee maker, regular maintenance is key to ensuring it keeps churning out those delicious espresso shots. One of the most common issues that Inissia owners face is the build-up of limescale, which can affect the quality of your coffee and even cause damage to your machine over time. 

As someone who has been through the descaling process countless times, I’m here to share my personal experience and guide you through the steps to keep your Nespresso Inissia running like a dream. 

So, sit back, and let’s dive into the world of descaling your Nespresso Inissia.

How Often to Descale Nespresso Inissia?

The folks at Nespresso recommend descaling every three months or after brewing 300 cups of java—whichever comes first. Now, if you find yourself in the company of your Nespresso more often than not, you might need to descale a tad more frequently.

But here’s the kicker: the frequency of descaling is also determined by the quality of your water, or what the experts call “water hardness.” You see, different towns and cities have varying amounts of mineral salts in their water supply. If you reside in an area with high water hardness, you’ll find yourself descaling more frequently to keep that machine in tip-top shape. 

On the flip side, lucky souls in areas with low water hardness can breathe a sigh of relief and reduce the maintenance hassle.

Now, pay attention because this is where things get interesting. Some Nespresso machines, including our beloved Inissia, have a nifty warning light. When that light starts to flash, consider it a little SOS from your machine, signaling that it’s high time for a descaling rendezvous. Don’t worry, though—it’s not a daunting affair. The descaling process typically takes a mere 15 to 20 minutes to complete. 

However, let me emphasize this: once you commence the descaling journey, there’s no turning back. So, before you begin, ensure you have all the necessary supplies at your disposal and carve out a dedicated chunk of time to see it through to the end.

Gather Necessary Materials

Before we plunge into the depths of descaling, let’s gather the necessary materials. Here’s what you’ll need:

Nespresso Inissia Descaling Steps

Now comes the moment of truth, my friend—the Nespresso Inissia descaling steps. Fear not, for these steps are as easy as sipping your morning coffee. Just follow this straightforward process, and your Inissia will be squeaky clean and ready to brew that delectable cup of java.

SIDENOTE: The descaling solution can damage your kitchen counter, so place a cloth underneath the machine if any spill happens.

Step 1 – Preparing the Inissia:

  • Pop open the lever to bid farewell to any used capsules and empty the drip tray and used capsule container.
  • Grab your descaling solution and water, carefully following the instructions on your kit. If you’re using the Nespresso solution, pour in one packet of liquid and then add about 0.5L of fresh water until you hit the MAX line.
  • Position a 1-liter container beneath the coffee outlet to catch the cleansing flow.
  • Switch on the unit and get ready for the descaling process.

Step 2 – Start Descaling Process:

  • To enter descaling mode, press and hold the Espresso and Lungo buttons for 3 seconds. Watch as both buttons begin to blink lights, signaling the initiation of descaling.
  • Now, press the Lungo button only, and let the descaling process begin its graceful. Sit tight until the water tank empties its contents into the waiting container.
  • Repeat this step, pouring the captured liquid back into the water tank for another round of descaling goodness.

Step 3 – Run a Rinsing Cycle:

  • Bid farewell to the used descaling solution and thoroughly rinse the water tank. Fill it up with fresh, clean drinking water.
  • Now, it’s time to perform a rinse cycle to wash away any lingering residue. To do this, repeat the magical 3-second press-and-hold of the Espresso and Lungo buttons. As the buttons blink again, press the Lungo button only to start the rinsing process.

Step 4 – Exit Descale Mode:

  • Before bidding farewell to the descaling mode, don’t leave the lights in a perpetual blink. Press and hold the Espresso and Lungo buttons for another 3 seconds to exit descale mode.
  • With that done, it’s time to give your Inissia a final touch of care.

Step 5 – Post-Descaling Care:

  • Give your trusty Inissia a quick wipe-down with a damp cloth, showing it some love and appreciation.
  • Allow the machine to rest for a blissful 10 minutes.
  • Finally, your Inissia has emerged from the descaling adventure, revitalized and ready for action once more.


Descaling your Nespresso Inissia is a small yet crucial task in maintaining your beloved machine’s optimal performance and longevity. Following the simple steps outlined above, you can bid farewell to limescale and welcome back that exquisite taste and aroma with open arms.

Remember, the frequency of descaling depends on factors like usage and water hardness, so keep an eye out for those blinking warning lights or stick to the recommended three-month rule.

Armed with this knowledge, you can confidently embark on the journey of descaling Nespresso Inissia, ensuring a consistently delightful coffee experience that will awaken your senses and brighten your day!

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