What Is Lungo

Lungo and Gran Lungo: What Does It Really Mean?

Nespresso Lungo and Gran Lungo coffee drinks have become hugely popular in recent years, but many people still aren’t sure what their meaning is. Read on to find out exactly what it means and how your Nespresso machine makes a Lungo coffee drink.

What Is Lungo?

Let’s start by demystifying the term “lungo.” In the world of Nespresso, a lungo refers to an espresso-based coffee that is brewed with more water than a standard espresso shot. The word “lungo” itself comes from Italian, meaning “long.” It’s the perfect option for those who prefer a milder and larger cup of coffee.

Lungo Nespresso is essentially a longer extraction of espresso. While a regular espresso shot is typically extracted using about 1 ounce (30 milliliters) of water, a lungo shot requires more water, resulting in a larger and less concentrated beverage.

Origin of Nespresso Lungo

The origins of lungo can be traced back to Italy, where coffee holds a special place in the hearts of its people. Italians developed the lungo as an alternative to the intense and shorter espresso shots. It allows for a more balanced and extended extraction process, highlighting different flavor profiles in the coffee.

What Is Gran Lungo?

Now that we have a grasp on lungo let’s introduce its larger sibling, the gran lungo. “Gran” means “big” or “great” in Italian, so you can expect an even more substantial coffee experience with this one.

Gran lungo is a term used in the Nespresso world to describe a coffee preparation that exceeds the volume of a regular lungo. Gran lungo pods are designed for 5 ounces of espresso, providing a larger serving compared to single or double shots. It takes the concept of a lungo and elevates it to a greater level, delivering a generous cup of coffee to satisfy your cravings.

Comparison between Lungo and Gran Lungo

While both lungo and gran lungo share the characteristic of being brewed with more water than a standard espresso shot, the gran lungo takes it a step further. It offers an even longer extraction, resulting in a larger cup of coffee that showcases a richer flavor profile and more nuanced aromas.

How Many Ounces In A Lungo And Gran Lungo?

Now, you might be wondering about the specific measurements of a lungo and a gran lungo. Let’s break it down for you.

A lungo typically consists of approximately 3.75 ounces (110 milliliters) of water, while a gran lungo goes beyond that, with around 5 ounces (150 milliliters) of water. These measurements can vary slightly depending on personal preferences and the specific coffee machine used.

Amounts of Caffeine in Lungo and Gran Lungo

When it comes to caffeine content, lungo, and gran lungo differ from regular espresso shots. Due to their larger volumes, they generally contain more caffeine. However, it’s essential to note that the exact caffeine levels can vary depending on the coffee beans, roast, and brewing method.

Original Lungo Pods

Nespresso offers a variety of lungo pods, each with its unique characteristics and flavor profiles. Let’s explore some popular options.

Nespresso’s original lungo pods are designed to provide a delightful and satisfying coffee experience. They are crafted using a blend of carefully selected coffee beans and are compatible with Nespresso’s Original Line machines.

Original Lungo PodCaffeine ContentIntensityFlavor Profile
Tokyo77 – 85 mg6 (Medium)Flowery & Complex
Vienna Linizio77 – 85 mg6 (Medium)Round & Smooth
Cape Town Envivo77 – 85 mg10 (Dark)Intense & Roasted
Stockholm77 – 85 mg8 (Medium)Rich & Full-bodied
Shanghai77 – 85 mg5 (Light)Fruity & Fine Acidity
Buenos Aires77 – 85 mg4 (Light)Sweet & Cereal
Vivalto77 – 85 mg6 (Medium)Flowery & Complex

Vertuo Gran Lungo Pods

For those with a Nespresso Vertuo machine, there’s a range of Gran Lungo pods specifically designed for this system. With their barcode technology, the Vertuo machine precisely adjusts the brewing parameters for each blend, ensuring optimal extraction and flavor.

Gran Lungo pods will contain a maximum of 200 milligrams of caffeine. They will also go from being lighter to darker in intensity. If you like espresso, then you’ll love these. Let’s discover more about them.

Vertuo Gran Lungo PodCaffeine ContentIntensityFlavor Profile
Fortado Decaffeinato> 12 mg8 (Dark)Intense & Full-Bodied
Arondio120 – 200 mg6 (Medium)Cereal & Lightly Acidic
Fortado120 – 200 mg8 (Medium)Cocoa & Oak
Costa Rica120 – 200 mg7 (Medium)Malty & Sweet
Ethiopia120 – 200 mg4 (Light)Fruity & Floral
Inizio120 – 200 mg4 (Medium)Floral & Cereal

What Does Lungo Taste Like?

Lungo coffee is known for its distinct taste profile. When brewed correctly, it showcases a milder flavor compared to a regular espresso shot. It lacks some of the intensity and boldness of espresso, but if you like tempered coffee, it may be ideal for you.

The extended extraction process extracts more of the coffee’s aromatic compounds, resulting in a smooth, well-rounded cup. Lungos often exhibit a delicate bitterness, with subtle notes of chocolate, caramel, or nuts, depending on the coffee blend.

How To Use Lungo or Gran Lungo Pods?

Lungo and Gran Lungo pods are among the diverse range of coffee pods available from Nespresso. Both options are espresso-based coffees, with Lungo being a stronger and more intense brew, while Gran Lungo offers a milder flavor profile.

To prepare a Lungo drink using a Nespresso Original machine, simply insert a Lungo capsule and press the “Large” cup button. If you own a Vertuoline model, insert the Gran Lungo pod, and the coffee maker will automatically detect the barcode and brew it accordingly.

There are two common ways to enjoy a lungo coffee: black without milk or creamer, or with the addition of milk or creamer. You can savor it either as a hot beverage or as a refreshing iced drink.


To summarize, lungo and gran lungo are captivating coffee preparations that offer a unique twist on the traditional espresso shot. While Lungo provides a milder and larger cup, the Gran Lungo takes it a step further, delivering an even more substantial coffee experience. Nespresso offers a wide range of lungo and gran lungo pods, each with its distinct characteristics and flavors.

Whether you’re a fan of the Original Line or Vertuo system, there’s a world of lungo and gran lungo waiting to be explored.


Are lungo and gran lungo the same as regular brewed coffee?

While lungo and gran lungo share similarities with regular brewed coffee, they are still distinct in terms of preparation and flavor profiles. Lungo and gran lungo are brewed using the espresso method, resulting in a different taste experience.

Can I use lungo or gran lungo pods in any Nespresso machine?

Lungo and gran lungo pods are specifically designed for Nespresso machines. Ensure compatibility with your machine before using them.

Is lungo stronger than a regular espresso shot?

Lungo is generally milder in taste compared to a regular espresso shot due to the extended extraction process. However, it can still contain a higher caffeine content.

Can I customize the water volume when brewing lungo or gran lungo?

Nespresso machines are programmed to deliver a specific water volume for lungo and gran lungo. However, some machines may offer limited customization options.

Do lungo and gran lungo pods come in decaffeinated options?

Yes, Nespresso offers decaffeinated lungo and gran lungo pods for those who prefer a caffeine-free option.

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