Best Nespresso Pod Holder Vertuo and Original

9 Stylish Nespresso Pod Holders of 2023 | Reviewed

While using a Nespresso machine, you may have this storage issue that most people struggle with. If you’re a neat freak and always like your things to be at their place, you would love to see your Nespresso capsules in the right place too. 

While there are many good options in the market, I’ve listed some of the best Nespresso Pod holder storage options. Have a look and choose which Nespresso pod holder brings value to your kitchen outlook and saves you from a messy kitchen counter.

Factors to Consider When Buying Pod Holder

While considering buying a Nespresso Pod holder, some factors play an essential role and can help in this process. These factors can affect your decision to buy a particular holder and be a better chance to understand the construction of several Nespresso Pod Holders.

These factors are as follows:


It is the first thing you should be looking at. Compatibility matters a lot; it can decide which Nespresso pod you wll be able to attach to your Nespresso Pod holder. There are two types of Nespresso Pods, OriginalLine and VertuoLine pods, and both have different shapes. 

Make sure you know which pod your holder accepts so that you can make a wise decision.


It is vital to understand what a holder is made up of because it can affect your holder’s life as well as your kitchen’s personality. The better the material of your Nespresso Pod holder, the better its life will be.

Plastic holders are less heavy and affordable, unlike glass and metal. Metal and glass ones are heavy and pricey, but they last long. So, look for a holder that has a strong structure and composition.


Understand what capacity you need to buy the holder that complements your requirement. This means that you need to see how many pods the Nespresso pod holder can hold. 

It’s important to note how much capacity a pod holder holds because it would help you manage the pod. 


The design and visibility are essential attributes of a pod holder. You should see whether the holder is easy to access, and you can see when to refill the holder; your pod holder should be able to look through.

Design is the main thing that can attract anybody. If you’re conscious about how your kitchen should look, choose the holder that hits your space.

Quick View of the Best Nespresso Pod Holder

TitlesPod Holder
Best OverallBlue peak Nespresso Carousel
Pocket FriendlyEVERIE Rotary Coffee Pod Carousel holder 
High-QualityNifty VertuoLine Coffee Pod Drawer
Great CapacityBLACKSMITH FAMILY N Espresso Pod Holder
Profound OutlookMind Reader 11 Compartment Coffee Organizer
Casual OutlookBarista & Co Coffee Pod Cage
Metal outlookFlagship for Nespresso Pod Holder Multi Tier Drawer
Minimalistic styleAmazon Basics Nespresso OriginalLine Coffee Pod Holder
SpaciousEVERIE Crystal Tempered Glass Nespresso Vertuo Pod Holder

1. Blue Peak Nespresso Carousel

BrandBlue Peak
MaterialStainless Steel
Product Dimensions15.6 x 4.9 x 4.6 inches
Capacity70 Capsules

This BluePeak Nespresso Pod holder is curated for your Nespresso VertuoLine machines. 

It can hold upto 70 capsules. It can hold 50 Vertuo pods with extra space for 22 capsules, which becomes 72. You can count this as the best Nespresso Pod holder due to its high-quality.

The holder’s metal construction provides a sturdy and rigid structure that does not feel too heavy, so you can easily displace it as you wish. The lifespan of the holder is guaranteed through covering from the chromatic finish. The chrome finish minimizes the chances of wear and tear and extends your holder’s life expectancy. 

You can rotate the holder at 360 degrees and choose your choice of pods, thanks to its easy-accessible composition.

Pros & Cons


  • Adds style to your kitchen counter.
  • Long-lasting metal construction
  • 360 rotatory structure
  • Large capacity, can hold upto 70 Vertuo pods


  • Costly
  • metal can erode
  • rotation becomes loose after some time.

2. EVERIE Rotary Coffee Carousel Pod Holder

Product Dimensions10.24×7.52×5 Inches
Capacity40 Pods

EVERIE rotary Coffee Carousel pod holder is the best option for you if you love organizing things and creating less mess. Its rotatory structure helps you to choose the pod easily, and the plastic material makes it feasible to displace the tool. 

This Nespresso pod holder can hold upto 40 Vertuo pods. Its sleek design gives your kitchen a style statement, making it the best Nespresso pod Holder.

The design is made in a way that makes it easy for Nespresso users to use the holder; you need to see that you’ve placed it securely.

Nespresso Pod Holder Vertuo

Pros & Cons


  • Beginner friendly.
  • Easy to displace.
  • Affordable.


  • The holders of capsules may get loose over time.
  • Plastic composition makes it weak by extra exertion.

3. Nifty VertuoLine Coffee Pod Drawer

ColorSatin Black
Product Dimensions16.25 x 10.25 x 3.5 inches
Capacity40 pods

The Nifty Nespresso pod holder has the best design so far because it has a drawer that can hold upto 40 Vertuo pods. The drawer has a neat black finish to enhance the overall personality of this holder.

It’s easy to clean and has a spacious interior so that you can put capsules easily, and its steady structure makes it last long.

You can place your machine on the holder; its steel composition supports your Nespresso single-serving brewer and makes it easy to displace. The drawer is easy to open and spacious enough to put your capsules in it.

 No matter if you’re a beginner or a coffee enthusiast, with Nifty, your capsules will be in an organized manner.

Nespresso Pod Storage

Pros & Cons


  • Functional & hassle-free organizer
  • User freindly
  • Sturdy and rigid drawer
  • Spacious


  • The drawer can become problematic sometimes.

4. BLACKSMITH FAMILY N Espresso Pod Holder

Product Dimensions6.13 x 6.13 x 15.25 inches
Capacity44 Vertuo Pods

The BLACKSMITH FAMILY pod holder has a slender design that you would love to flex while putting it on the kitchen counter.

It has a vertical structure and is space-saving; hence, it can hold upto 40 Vertuo pods. This Nespresso Pod holder is compatible with Nespresso VertuoLine machines.

The best part of this pod holder is its metal composition; the sturdy stand helps you with easy placement. The sleek design of this Nespresso pod holder adds a style element to your kitchen, and the black finish creates a minimalistic vibe to your space.

Nespresso Pod Stand

Pros & Cons


  • Efficient vertical pod holder
  • Easy to displace
  • Sturdy composition
  • Durable metal


  • The vertical structure may weaken over time
  • Pods can fall off from the holder 
  • May lean towards the side where the pods are more in number

5. Mind Reader 11 Compartment Coffee Organizer

BrandMind Reader
Product Dimensions17.88″D x 9.5″W x 6.63″H
Number of Compartments11 compartments

Your one-stop solution is here; Mind Reader has a great storage solution for all coffee lovers. The organizer has 11 compartments; you can put your coffee pods and accessories. You can arrange your coffee cups, lids, pods, and tissue papers so that you have everything in one corner without creating a mess.

It is one of the best Nespresso coffee pod holder because of its versatile design and portability. You can easily change places if you can and enjoy the neat look it gives you to your space. 

The plastic material is durable if used carefully. You can use this organizer for your workspace or store cookware.

Nespresso Pod Holder Box

Pros & Cons


  • Effiecient Organization
  • Non-skid pads keep the organizer at place
  • All-in-one organizer
  • Versatile outlook
  • Keep kitchen look neat and clean


  • Take alot space
  • Plastic material sometimes weaken over time

6. Barista & Co Coffee Pod Cage

BrandBarista & Co
ColorSteel grey
MaterialStainless Steel
Product Dimensions7.83 x 5.83 x 6.22 inches
Capacity80 capsules

Barista & Co Coffee pod holder is made up of stainless steel that continues to help you organize your coffee capsules effectively. It comes in three finishes: Steel, Electric Gold, and Copper; choose the finish that compliments your style and elevates your kitchen look. 

The holder is compatible with Nespresso Original pods. With the capacity to hold 80 capsules, you can use it for storing other coffee accessories like 

You can place your machine on the holder; its steel composition supports your Nespresso single-serving brewer and makes it easy to displace.

Nespresso Pod Storage

Pros & Cons


  • Stylish outlook
  • Take less space
  • Affordable
  • User freindly
  • Sustainable


  • Hard to organize pods

7. Flagship Nespresso Pod Holder Multi Tier Drawer For VertuoLine

MaterialPlastic , Steel
Product Dimensions15.6×5.4×9.1 inches
Capacity60 pods

With the slender design and ease of carry, an organizer couldn’t be more perfect with this Flagship Nespresso pod Holder. The metal organizer can hold up to 60 pods, and you can easily put other coffee accessories as well. What makes it the best Nespresso pod holder is its 3-tier drawer is spacious yet covers less space in your kitchen.

Metal gives sturdiness to the frame and is easy to displace. Order it now and enjoy its luxurious feel while organizing your coffee accessories efficiently.

Nespresso Pod Holder Drawer

Pros & Cons


  • The structure is perfect for any kitchen counter
  • Adds style to your space
  • User friendly, you can it right out of the box.


  • The plastic composition makes the organizer weaker

8. Amazon Basics Nespresso OriginalLine Coffee Pod Holder

Product Dimensions14.9×9.1×2 inches
Capacity50 Capsules

This Amazon Basics Nespresso Pod holder is the good news for all Nespresso users. The plastic composition makes it easier to handle and carry around the place. The capacity of holding upto 50 Nespresso Pods and making less mess is its prime attribute. 

It is compatible with OrigialLine pods, not Vertuo pods, so make sure before purchasing. The drawer is made of durable material and easy to open, load, and empty capsules, giving the high competition to its competitors.

The anti-slip pad on the bottom saves your countertop from any scratches, and this is the finest USP of this Nespresso pod holder. The modern design looks outstanding sitting on your counter.

Nespresso Vertuo Pod Organizer

Pros & Cons


  • Sleek design
  • Anti-slip feet pads
  • High-quality 
  • Easy to use and clean


  • Take a little space

9. EVERIE Crystal tempered Glass Nespresso Vertuo Pod Holder

Product Dimensions10.24×7.52×5 Inches
Capacity48 Pods

The EVERIE Crystal tempered glass pod holder is the most thoughtful way to organize your Vertuo pods. It can hold any shape of the Vertuo and originalLine pods and can fit in upto 50 small and 40 big capsules. Otherwise, you can keep 40 Vertuo pods in the drawer. The strong Glass creates a room for your machine to sit on it, this feature hasn’t seen much in the other coffee pod holders so this quality can make it the best Nespresso Pod holder around the market.

The drawer is made of plastic. The overall personality of this organizer enhances your space’s aura equally.

Nespresso Capsules Holder

Pros & Cons


  • Tempered Gass and heavy-duty top 
  • Durable
  • Solid tube stand to provide sturdiness
  • Stylish and sleek design 


  • Costly
  • Glass needs care

Final Thoughts

I tried to give as much information as possible in the above article; I hope now you will be able to know how to choose a Coffee pod holder and what options you can choose. Before purchasing a coffee pod holder, make sure of your capacity range, space area, and compatibility of the pod holder. The best Nespresso Pod Holder is the one that ticks these boxes for you. Once you understand these little essentials, you can enjoy your coffee experience without making a mess.

Are there specific holders for Nespresso Vertuo pods?

Nespresso has mainly two pod lines, OriginalLine and VertuoLine pod, that can be used with their respective machines. 
OriginalLine pod and VertuoLine pod have different physical attributes, so they possess their respective holders. Some holders can hold both of the pods, while some don’t. Many Nespresso pod holders compliment your OriginalLine machine. If you’re a Vertuo Nespresso machine user, there are VertuoLine pod holders you can opt for:
1. Mind Reader Anchor Nespresso pod holder for VertuoLine
2. Nespresso VertuoLine pod holder Horizontal mount
3. Flagship Carousel pod storage for VertuoLine
4. Yongqin Coffee pod holder Vertuo pod Compatible
5. Prepara Vertuoso Pod Holder

How can I store my Nespresso pods efficiently?

Here, you would need to play smartly if you don’t want to source your pod holder through the online store. There are several ways by which you can store your coffee capsules efficiently. You can DIY your coffee pod holder; without many tools, you can make your coffee pod holder that could save you from spending a lot of bucks. 

If you suck at crafts and DIY makes you a little nervous, you can source big glass jars from the local stores and use them as a coffee pod holder. Another option is to look around the house, and you will notice some of the wooden boxes sitting idle in the corner; you can also opt for them. 
You can make anything out of nothing; be as creative as you can be, and you will surely come up with your coffee pod holder without wasting money.

Is there a wooden Nespresso pod holder available?

You can use ready-to-use jars or boxes to store your Nespresso Pods. There are many options in the market from which you can choose; prices may vary, but the usage would be the same. Below are the choices I have for you:
Liampo Coffee Pod holder 
NC Wooden Coffee Pod Holder

Can I mount a Nespresso pod holder under my cabinet?

Yes, you can always have this freedom to mount the pod holder under your kitchen cabinet. You can choose many options as the market is filled with this pod holder, which you must fix under the surface, and you are good to go. I’ve some of the options for you to check:
Coffee Keepers under cabinet Pod Holder
With three simple steps, you can install this under your cabinet. 1) Clean your cabinet surface with rubbing alcohol. 2) Remove the strip that is attached to the holder’s feet. 3) Gently install the holder to the cleaned surface and organize pods; you’re ready to use it.
Kitchen Organizer Wall mounted Coffee pod holder 
Easy no-drill mounting allows you to store your coffee pods with this holder. You have to stick this to your cabinet surface, and you will be good to go.
Nespresso Vertuo Pod Holder Under Cabinet 
This excellent pod holder can hold upto 8 Vertuo pods for an easy and quick pick-up. It is appreciated by those who want to avoid looking around for the pod when they must rush to work. It’s lightweight and easy to stick under your cabinet.

Are there any cute designs for Nespresso pod holders?

If you’re a Pinterest freak, you would surely love these cute designs of Coffee pod holders here:
Wall-mounted Coffee Pod Organizer: This hexagonal coffee pod rack is compatible with Nespresso VertuoLine and can hold upto 16 Vertuo pods, perfect for your space.
Wall-Hanging Burnt Wood Coffee Pod Holder: This wall-hanging coffee pod holder has four metal rungs as a horizontal slot. The holder can hold upto 20 pods, which is great for your workspace or home.
Copper 360 Degree Rotating Coffee Pod Holder: This cute coffee holder can hold upto 48 Vertuo pods and be placed in small spaces.
Coffee Pod Capsule Holder Rack: This 15-inch wooden board can hold upto 15 pods and adds style to your space.

How many capsules can a typical Nespresso capsule holder store?

Size and design are crucial when you talk about the capacity range of the coffee holder; there are variations of many Nespresso coffee holders available in the market. For example, wall-mounted Nespresso coffee pod holders can hold from 10 to 20 pods at a time, and box-shaped coffee pod keepers, small ones can keep 30+ while bigger ones can have 70+ Coffee pods.
Rotatory pod holders can hold 30+ pods, and drawer Nespresso Coffee pod holders can store from 30-50 Coffee pods of respective different sizes. 
Depending on the size, coffee pod jars can keep from 30 to 80 Coffee pods.

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