Nespresso Vanilla Custard Pie Review

Nespresso Vanilla Custard Pie Pod Review | Taste Tested

Hello Nespresso users!! I’m sure you love to have coffee daily. If tasting different coffees with different blends gives you energy and joy, you’ll be familiar with this Barista creations Vanilla custard Pie. 

Nespresso always brings the best to its customers with exceptional coffee quality, which has been Nespresso’s ultimate expression. Nespresso launched this diverse range, BARISTA CREATIONS, with different blends for OriginalLine and Vertuoline Nespresso machines. You can enjoy any flavor from this range according to your preference and machine type. Nespresso have equally different flavors for both Lines of Nespresso machine.

However, Stick to this piece because you would love to know how smooth this Vanilla Custard Pie feels in your mouth.

Nespresso Barista Creations

Nespresso introduced this range of milk coffees to fulfill your coffee cravings with its perfectly balanced taste. Coffee professionals and baristas around the world find the range.

Barista Creations was created after refined research on different coffee blends and roasting levels to find that perfect coffee that would be drunk with milk. It is majorly made by collecting coffee beans from 18 different coffee origins around the world to give coffee lovers the best-ever version of milk coffee. Barista creations have it all, no matter how you want your cappuccinos or lattes to be made.

SIDENOTE: These Nespresso Vanilla Custard Pie pods will work only for VertuoLine Nespresso machines

Nespresso Vanilla Custard Pie Review

Nespresso Vanilla Custard Pie
☕ Coffee type – Arabicas
💪 Caffeine Content – 166mg
🌡️ Intensity – 6
⭐ Rating – 8.8/10
💰 Price – Check Price

Nespresso is known for its variety of best-quality coffee. For every blend, they got a unique name to attract their customer while keeping to their promise. They’ve been doing this for the past 30 years and are undoubtedly amazing at their job.

This time, they named their coffee pods after a well-known dessert that everybody would enjoy and relate to; they introduced Nespresso Vanilla custard pie coffee pods. As the name suggests, it adds a push-up to the Nespresso name itself. 

The unique blend of Latin American and African Arabica gives roundness and smoothness to the coffee. This medium-dark roast blend gives Vanilla Custard Pie the milky and velvety flavor that resonates with the feeling of Vanilla and custard and feels just as pie. 

The special feature of this blend is the split roast in which beans are balanced roasted. Split roast makes the most rounded beans to give your coffee a smooth hit with a vanilla flavor that, when mixed with milk, gives a biscuity note, just perfect!

Vanilla Custard Pie Rating

Overall: 4.4 out of 5
Coffee Quality: 4.7 out of 5
Aroma: 4.8 out of 5
Crema: 4.6 out of 5
Flavor: 4.6 out of 5
Body: 4.7 out of 5
Intensity: 4.1 out of 5
Strength: 4.1 out of 5
Acidity: 4.0 out of 5
Bitterness: 4.2 out of 5

Nespresso Vanilla Custard Pie blend is a mix of Latin American and African arabica beans. When introduced to milk, this medium-dark roast gives your coffee a sweet note, such as vanilla, biscuit, and almond. The sweetness of these three elements together seems like a dream come true when you want to have a slow day or take a coffee break to another level.  

The blend conveys a balanced sweetness without overpowering the bitterness with smooth velvety vanilla and butter biscuit notes. The aftertaste of this blend puts you in pure awe and expands your joy with its texture.

How to Use Vanilla Custard Pie Pods?

These capsules come in a typical coffee sleeve. Each sleeve contains ten pods and is easy to use. You just have to pop it into any of Nespresso’s milk machines from VertuoLine and quickly get your cup full of flavors.

If you always see yourself sipping more on mild blends and milk coffees, you would surely love to know more about Nespresso Vanilla Custard Pie. Drooling over the name, right? It’s worth tasting too. 

Let me tell you about its some of the hot features and nutritional content; stay with me!

Features Of Nespresso Vanilla Custard Pie

Product LineVertuo Line
Roast typeMedium Dark roast
Caffeine Content166 mg
Caffeine DesignationNaturally Caffeinated
Count per pack10 Pods
Serving size230 ml (7.7 oz)
Coffee typeArabicas
FinishCreamy Smooth Finish

Test Taste of Vanilla Custard Pie

I prepared my Nespresso Coffee machine to brew me a warm cup of Vanilla Custard Pie coffee, unboxed a new pack of these Nespresso pods and picked out one capsule. Installing a pod into my Nespresso Vertuo machine, I hit the cup button. Coffee started brewing into the cup, and in a matter of minutes, my kitchen started smelling like Vanilla, and I could feel a butter biscuit aroma playing around me, still dwelling on that moment. 

I held this warm cup and wasn’t ready, but the first sip felt like something I was missing. First, I met with heavy crema, and sweet, mild Vanilla hit my palate. The coffee was mildly sweet and gave me a nutty and biscuity aftertaste. Mostly, my coffee makes me wake up, but this one felt a bit comfortable; it shut down my eyes. A buttery biscuit with a hint of almond melted in my mouth; it felt slightly acidic afterward but so faded to notice. 

This Vertuo coffee pod makes mild coffee. The smooth texture, packed with vanilla essence and sprinkled with a nutty flavor, will give you a cup you’ll never forget.

I like my coffee to be on the sweeter side, and with dense foam, it makes a perfect comfortable cup.

Nespresso Vanilla Custard Pie coffee is meant to be mixed with milk, giving you the fantastic coffee you deserve. So, choose the way you want it, hot or cold; it’s your cup, so make it your way, special and memorable.

Let us dig into its features and how it feels to your mouth.

Nespresso Vanilla Custard Pie Features

We saw this blend’s features and how it tastes. Now, let me explain how these pods stand out from others. Here, you’ll get an overview of how to enjoy it more and whether you can have it with cold or hot milk. So, let’s begin!


Nespresso Vanilla Custard Pie is a blend of round, smooth Latin American and African Arabicas. Latin America beans tend to give your coffee a mild and less acidic flavor, while the latter gives you a nutty, fruity, and chocolaty feel. The blend is designed to provide you with a smooth and round coffee. 

The roast of Brazilian and Ethiopian beans gives the coffee its smooth texture with butter biscuit notes. After blending and roasting, the vanilla flavor is added to completely lock the flavors. 

Roast Type

The coffee beans are split-roasted, meaning two beans play a role in making your roast type. The Brazilian beans provide a sweet, nutty, and chocolaty. They are roasted Medium-dark to offer your coffee a smooth and round flavor. 

While Ethiopian beans are meant to work around the coffee’s texture, that is why your coffee has a velvety smooth finish.

The roast type of Vanilla Custard Pie tells about its roasting level (1 out of 5), not too acidic or spicy but a balanced coffee.

SIDENOTE: The coffee that grows in low-altitude places like Brazil tends to give the coffee a nutty, less acidic, and sweet flavor. While coffee beans grown in high altitudes are likely to provide medium acidity. They are called full-bodied coffee and give your cup rich caramel sweetness. 

Hence, altitude plays an essential role in the flavor of your coffee.


Due to its medium-dark roast type, the acidity is less, and you can enjoy sweeter coffee. It would not feel harsh or bitter on your tongue. 

The sharpness is balanced with butter biscuit flavor, so you will enjoy every sip of coffee without feeling heartburn.

Vanilla Custard Pie capsules give a balanced cup of coffee. The split roast delivers soft milky feels with a nutty flavor that would not kill the warmth of coffee and does not give a burning sensation to your chest.


The split-roasting elevates your coffee’s overall feel and body. The mix of Ethiopian and Brazilian beans makes the coffee feel more sophisticated by giving it a smooth, velvety finish. The crema over the top boosts your coffee body with sweet vanilla notes.

Any mild coffee lover would appreciate how balanced and melting this coffee feels. The personality and body of coffee are recognized by its texture and blend, and this coffee ticks the box for both. So, my dear friend, it’s a win-win situation if you happen to stop by a cafe for a relaxed cup of smooth coffee.

Aromatic Profile

The medium-dark roast and split roasting of Brazilian beans enhance the coffee personality and cater to you with incredible aromatics. Your whole kitchen will smell like vanilla for hours, and your taste buds will enjoy the nutty flavor for some more time. 

The aroma you meet while brewing this Barista Creations Vanilla Custard Pie is beyond words. It is near the Vanilla and melting butter aroma, between the roasted almond and soft biscuit, far from the dark chocolate, and rested in the smooth texture. Plan a coffee Klatch with your friends and witness this beauty with your view.


As I sat with my freshly brewed cup, the not-so-brown gooey foam over the top of the coffee made me nostalgic for some reason. 

The hue of crema appeared in a series of colors to me; it was between the tones of beige and cream, roaming around the shades of golden and brown. 

When I swayed my cup, the coffee inside jiggled and set back in its place, speaking loud about the texture of crema that was not heavy but textured.

Flavor and Finish

When I first tasted my coffee, it gave me warm vanilla notes. When I tried my mild-roast coffee with milk, it blended in and yielded the butter biscuit flavor. The acidic aftertaste of the coffee does not overpower the overall flavor and sets the entire coffee mood by giving a beautiful crema on the top. 


With the help of a special kind of blend and roast type, it is safe to say that Vanilla Custard Pie coffee is not intense. It is curated perfectly with a mix of Latin American and African Arabicas to give you a balanced cup of coffee. 

The intensity levels are relatively low due to its creamy vanilla texture and smooth, buttery taste. On a scale, the intensity of Nespresso Vanilla Custard Pie is 6 on a scale of 1 to 13.

Caffeine Content

Nespresso pod generally contains a caffeine content ranging from 60mg to 90mg per capsule. However, this can vary slightly depending on whether the pod is from the OriginalLine or VertuoLine collections. Certain capsules, such as Kazaar and Napoli, contain more than 100mg of caffeine per pod, which can be attributed to the robust Robusta coffee used in their blend.

Despite the strong caffeine content, the coffee retains a smooth quality rather than a harsh one, thanks to the thoughtful blend from which it is crafted.

The Vanilla Custard Pie medium-dark roast delivers less acidity with more warmness, meaning you enjoy smooth coffee rather than strong. 

The Nespresso Vanilla Custard Pie pod has 166mg of caffeine content, which falls within the recommended limits for daily intake, and adequately energizes you for everyday tasks.

For more detail about caffeine content, visit our caffeine content guide for Nespresso pods.

Brew Size and Recyclability

Nespresso Vanilla Custard pie gives you 7.7oz (230 ml) of coffee, making a full lungo cup perfect for any day. 

Nespresso VertuoLine delivers cup sizes such as Espresso (1.35oz), Double Espresso (2.7 oz), Gran Lungo(5.07 oz), and Lungo cups (7.77oz). 

These pods are compatible with VertuoLine machines only and do not work with Keurig or other espresso machines. You can have your milk coffee made with these pods in no time and enjoy every cup with a high amount of smooth flavors and a distinctive coffee body. 

Nespresso recycles and reuses every single pod to save the environment and be more productive with what they make their coffee of.

Nespresso Vanilla Custard Pie Calorie Chart

CaloriesMass% Value
Total fat0.1 g0%
Saturated Fat0 g0%
Trans Fat0 g0%
Total Carbohydrates0 g0%
Sugars0 g0%
Protein0.3 g1%
Dietary Fiber0 mg0%
Sodium4.7 mg0%
Potassium0 mg0%
Vitamin A0 mg0%
Vitamin C0 mg0%
Vitamin D0 mg0%
Calcium0 mg0%
Iron0 mg0%

Nespresso Vanilla Custard Pie Nutrition facts

CaloriesMassDietary fiber
Total fat0.1 g0%
Total carbohydrates0 g0%
Total sugar0 g0%
Protein0.3 g0%
Iron0 g0%
Vitamin D0 g0%
Sodium4.7 mg0%
Potassium156 mg3%
Dietry fiber0 g0%
Calcium5 gm0%

Pros and Cons Of Vanilla Custard Pie

This blend indulges your coffee cravings anytime you decide to sit back and relax. The quick roast of Brazilian and Ethiopian beans makes these pods super mild and sweet that you will like the coffee anyways. However, these pods give you a mix of pros and cons.


  • Sweet, smooth, nutty flavors.
  • Unique split roast technique.
  • Unforgettable coffee experience.
  • Dense, heavy crema.
  • Velvety vanilla aftertaste.
  • Smooth, rounded coffee.


  • Overly sweet for some.
  • Vanilla taste fades quickly.
  • Crema quality decreases at room temperature.
  • Nutty taste can be off-putting.
  • Not suitable for those with protein intolerance.

Nevertheless, if you’re making it the right way and adding the right dash of milk, you will successfully extract flavors from the pod. The coffee is designed to be made with milk, so it requires the right amount of milk to add to make the pod’s flavor come out completely.

Would you enjoy Vanilla Custard Pie?

Well, this would be clear to you now whether these Nespresso pods are for you, but we can further explore this here.

If you have a sweet tooth and love mild milk coffees, just like me, you’re going to be loyal to this blend. A blend of Latin Americas and African Arabic beans gives you a cup that has a biscuity vanilla aromatic profile. Specific Coffee body with velvety smooth crema delivers a vanilla taste with an incredible hint of nutty butter aftertaste.  Perfect for those who long for a warm, comfortable cup.

User Reviews About Vanilla Custard Pie

Nespresso Vanilla Custard Pie blend is designed for those who love medium-dark roast and want less acidic coffee. However, there were mixed reviews about these pods; some people enjoyed them, and some users didn’t enjoy them. They found some challenges in enjoying the blend fully. 

The most common issue every user had was that they didn’t get the idea behind the Vanilla Custard Pie blend; apart from Vanilla, they found nothing special about them. The blend is supposed to give the customers smooth vanilla and biscuit notes, which yields nutty butter flavors when mixed with milk, but some users have yet to find anything like that. 

They liked how Vanilla is introduced in this blend. However, they did not find the custard element synchronizing with the concept behind this blend. Additionally, users felt that the pods were giving vanilla flavor, but there weren’t any hints they found of butter biscuits. 

Vanilla Custard Pie vs Other Nespresso Pods

Here I Compared the Vanilla Custard Pie pod with Nespresso’s other popular pods to give you clarity of what this pod is offering apart from others.

Pod NameFlavorIntensitySize
Vanilla Custard PieVanilla, biscuit, almond67.77 oz
Roasted HazelnutHazelnut, cereal, nutty67.77 oz
Rich ChocolateChocolate, creamy, sweet67.77 oz
Golden CaramelCaramel, biscuit, creamy67.77 oz
Sweet VanillaVanilla, creamy, sweet67.77 oz

The Vanilla Custard Pie is designed for those who would appreciate medium-dark roast and want their coffees towards less acidic. However, you would like the following blends as you like:

You could be interested in other Nespresso pods that match your machine type and preferences. It seems a quiet process to know what is your coffee type, what level of strength and intensity you would appreciate. But believe me, once you start to experiment with different pods, you’ll get to know another coffee addict in yourself.

  • Nespresso Hazelino Muffin is mild roast coffee that gives you a strong hazelnut taste of 230ml (7.7 oz) cup of coffee. If met with milk, it provides flavorful mild coffee with medium intensity, perfect to accompany your vertuo.
  • Nespresso Chiaro pods work well with your original line machines with a smooth and sweet biscuity taste. The medium roast of Kenya and Indonesian arabicas delivers caramel flavor when mixed with milk.
  • Suppose you like a dark roast blend of Kenyan and Colombian Arabicas that gives your coffee a cereal taste. In that case, you’ll want to have Bianco Forte from the Barista creations for the VertuoLine machine. It is best served when mixed with milk and gives you 7.7 oz coffee, rich roasted with a chocolatey flavor.
  • There is another smooth and sweet coffee blend, Bianco Leggero. Its ultra-light roast gives the drinker a caramel flavor with biscuity notes, delivering a warm cappuccino.

Sum up

Nespresso Vanilla Custard Pie offers balanced flavors and gives you smooth coffee that you always need to unwind. Although it provides the heavy cream with less acidity, the calorie count and nutrition facts show how light it may feel to your body.

I hope this review helped you and guided you well. 

Honestly speaking, I love this blend’s coffee personality and the comfort it may bring with itself. This Roast type is definitely worth a try.

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