How To Turn Off Nespresso Vertuo Machines

How to Turn Off Nespresso VertuoLine – All Models

The Nespresso Vertuo model is the most advanced, eco-friendly, and robust machine that uses less energy, giving more delicious coffees however you like. In this article, I will explain how you can turn off your Vertuo machine, which takes only five seconds!

So without any further due, let’s go!

How to Turn Off Nespresso VertuoLine

Nespresso Vertuo has six models so far: Vertuo, Vertuo Plus, Vertuo Next, Vertuo Creatista and Vertuo Pop, and Vertuo Evoluo, and they turn off automatically after they’re not in use for some minutes. But if you turn it off yourself, your machine’s life span could expand, and you would also save on electricity bills.

Vertuo machines have the tendency to turn off having pods in them. However, it would help if you turned their brew mode on afterward; your pod would get pierced twice. In this case, your coffee will be more milky and creamy, yummy!


First of all, you need to check if your machine is done brewing to ensure that you can turn it off. It is crucial to check that your machine is not in brewing mode; once you’re assured of it, proceed to the next step.

  1. Press and hold the cup button for three seconds to turn your machine off completely.
  2. If your machine is not in use for longer, it is recommended to unplug it.
  3. This step ensures that your machine will no longer use any extra electricity, hence; saving power. 

Vertuo Next

Vertuo next turns off automatically after 2 minutes of no use. You can also turn it off yourself. If you’ve used the machine, then you need first to empty your machine.

Here’s how:

  1. Gently turn the lever to the right to eject the capsule.
  2. Then press the cup button for at least three seconds to turn it off completely.
  3. If it doesn’t, you should exit descaling mode.
  4. You should turn the switch for 7 seconds.

These steps will help you turn your Vertuo Next off, and it doesn’t use any extra power.


This model of Vertuo turns off automatically after 9 minutes of no use and switches to AUTOMATIC OFF, but here’s how you can switch it off yourself:

  • Take out any of the capsules from the machine.
  • Close the machine head.
  • And push the lever down for 3 seconds.

Note: The machine lever should be locked.

Vertuo Creatista

Vertuo Creatista has a stainless steel finish that gives the vibes of traditional coffee makers.

After brewing, turning your Vertuo Creatista off is essential, so we can start by Emptying the capsule holder and holding the START/CANCEL button for two seconds or until the machine is off.

Vertuo Pop

This Colorful Vertuo model is easy to carry and fits perfectly under your kitchen cabinets. Taking care of how much power your pop machine utilizes is the first step to your machine’s healthy performance.

To make sure its turned off properly,

You can turn it off by pressing the button for three seconds. Once the machine is off, unplug and put it in the right place to be safe and secure from damage and harm.


This advanced version of Vertuoline takes no more time to turn off Because it is more eco-friendly. Here’s how you can help your machine turn off and save energy.

  • Take out any pod from the machine.
  • Push the button for 3 seconds.
  • If your appliance doesn’t turn off, exit descaling mode.
  • By holding the button for 7 seconds.

What To Do When Your Vertuo Not Turning OFF

But what if your machine is not turning off after you’ve switched it off? Well, there is a way you can deal with it, and it’s not a thing to worry about. 

Check your machine connectivity; maybe your machine is connected to the app and preventing your machine from turning off. Make sure the lid is closed, and the machine head is in the closed position. 

For Vertuo Next and Plus machines, press the button for three seconds to turn it off and push it again to turn it ON; give your machine a 20-minute break to cool down.

If your machine doesn’t turn off, exit the descaling mode by pressing the button for at least 7 seconds.

This step will ensure that your machine is completely turned off and won’t use extra energy anymore.


All the vertuoLine models are more or less identical but slightly different in design, color, or size. They function on the same ground rules, so you can easily understand them without a hassle.

Switching your machine off can be a good idea if you want to save energy. This step gives your machine long life and enhances its productivity. Remember to turn your Nespresso Vertuo machine off after brewing to prolong its functionality and keep your coffee routines running smoothly.

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