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Top 6 Nespresso Hot Chocolate Pods

Hot chocolate can be the best thing to unwind in winter evenings or mornings if you have a Nespresso machine and want to make hot chocolate but don’t know how to, keep reading to understand.

Nespresso is acclaimed on a global scale to satisfy its users with unique blends and high-quality taste coffee with Nespresso Machines. When we search for Nespresso hot chocolate pods in the market, we find none. Because Nespresso does not provide these pods, you have to source them from third-party manufacturers to quench your hot chocolate cravings.

In this article, you will have several Hot chocolate pod options to choose from for your Nespresso machine, but they will be compatible with your OriginalLine machines. Since VertuoLine machines use Centrifugal technology, they can’t accept different pods.

Overview of Nespresso Hot Chocolate Pods

  1. Best OverallPODiSTA Hot chocolate pods
  2. High-qualityReal Coffee Dark Hot Chocolate Pods
  3. Budget Friendly – Primo Hot Chocolate Pods
  4. Best Flavored – Fine Coffe Club Hot Chocolate
  5. Best Aroma – La Capsuleria Hot chocolate
  6. Great taste Bestpresso Hot chocolate pods

1. PODiSTA Hot Chocolate Pods

FlavorSmooth & Creamy
Count per pack10 capsules
Total Pods40
CompatibilityNespresso OriginalLne

PODiSTA provides you with the richest Hot Chocolate with their Hot Chocolate pods. The special roast makes your hot chocolate so smooth and creamy that you would love to sip. The pack gives you the freedom to pick a pod for your day, as they come in four different flavors:

  • Hot chocolate.
  • Caramel Infusion.
  • Hazelnut Infusion.
  • Mint Infusion.

All the pods are compatible with Nespresso OriginalLine. You can get them easily online and experience the beautiful cup of hot chocolate you deserve.

Each Flavor surrounds you in a velvety texture and engages you with its incredible taste and aroma. What makes these Nespresso Hot Chocolate Pods unique is the use of the finest ingredients that cover the value for the money of their pack.

For amazing results, you can add whipped cream over the top of your cup with crushed chocolate or pair your hot chocolate cup with vanilla ice cream for a divine taste.

2. Real Coffee Dark Hot Chocolate Pods

BrandReal Coffee
FlavorDark Chocolate
Count per pack40 per pack
CompatibilityNespresso OriginalLIne

Real Coffee has the best hot chocolate for Nespresso users. From texture to flavor and from aroma to appearance, it’s hard to say no to this Nespresso Hot Chocolate pod. The sweet taste comes from the sugar and dried glucose syrup, and the smooth texture you feel throughout the cup is because of coconut oil and other ingredients.

The pods are 100% compatible with OriginalLine Nespresso Machines. After brewing, running a water cycle through your machine is recommended to ensure it is clean. 

3. Primo Hot Chocolate Pod

FlavorHot chocolate
Count per pack25 per pack
CompatibilityNespresso OriginalLIne
Strength4 out 5

Primo’s rich-flavored Nespresso Hot chocolate pods are compatible with your OriginalLine Nespresso Machines. With the help of the finest ingredients, Primo has produced the classic taste of chocolate you long for. It’s Gluten-free, providing you with a smooth texture and delicate cocoa flavor that hits right. 

This pack of 25 capsules comes in a resealable bag, so you would worry less about the freshness and can preserve the taste better.

You can make your hot chocolate cup memorable by adding soy or Almond milk to your cup and crushed almond atop it.

4. Fine Coffee Club Hot Chocolate

BrandFine Coffee
FlavorHot chocolate
Count per pack10 per pack
CompatibilityNespresso OriginalLIne
Strength3 out 5

Fine Coffee Club gives you the ultimate hot chocolate experience with its exclusive ingredients, soy, and other natural flavorings. The highlighted part of this blend is its rich flavor from cocoa and its thick texture from soy milk to enhance the Hot Chocolate Pod profile.

The only drawback of this pod is it has allergens, such as soy, which would bother sensitive people.

It is compatible with all Nespresso OriginalLine machines, including Nespresso Pixie, Nespresso U, or Nespresso CitiZ.

Note: You can make it less allergic by adding a pinch of salt to your taste and can add ice cream to blend the soy flavor together. This trick will not change the taste of your Hot chocolate and will yield the best flavors possible.

5. La Capsuleria Hot Chocolate pod

BrandLa Capsuleria
FlavorHot chocolate
Count per pack80 per pack
CompatibilityNespresso OriginalLIne

La Capsuleria is an Italian brand offering delicious hot Chocolate pods compatible with all Nespresso brewing systems. A unique roast of Italian ground cocoa beans to give you an exceptional Hot chocolate experience at home or work.  

Get ready to make a cup richer in texture and dark-sweet in flavor. The aroma and appearance of your cup would remind you of a sweet poem you learned in your first grade. 

6. Bestpresso Hot Chocolate Pods

FlavorHot chocolate
Count per pack120 per pack
CompatibilityNespresso OriginalLIne

Bestpresso delivers exotic-flavored hot chocolate that is made of natural flavors. The espresso shot and a cocoa mix add a distinctive element to your cup and elevate its aura.

The product is Kosher certified and compatible with OriginalLine machines. You can add different elements to make your cup delicious.

Use coconut or soy milk for a smooth texture, and you can add grated chocolate or coconut to your cup to enhance the flavors.

How To Make Hot Chocolate With Nespresso Originalline

Here, you can learn how to make hot chocolate with the OriginalLine machine. Although there are no rules to make a hot chocolate cup, as long as you create more room for flavors, you can be creative as crazy with your hot chocolate.

Let’s make you a delicious hot chocolate by frother!

  • Prep time: 2 mints
  • Serving size: 1



  • 100ml milk
  • Any Nespresso Compatible Hot Chocolate Pod.
  • Some drops of Vanilla extract
  • Vanilla Ice cream (according to your choice)
  • Grated Chocolate (1 bar)
  • Chocolate Syrup (as you like)

Let’s make Hot Chocolate

  1. Pour milk of your choice into the frother, add vanilla essence, and press the button to form foam.
  2. Install a hot chocolate pod in the machine and press the brew button.
  3. Add goey milk to your cup.
  4. Scoop the vanilla ice cream over the cup.
  5. Drizzle chocolate syrup over your cup.
  6. Finally, Sprinkle the grated chocolate, and your Hot chocolate is ready to be served!

How To Make Hot Chocolate With Nespresso Vertuo Machine

Although you can not make a hot chocolate with your Nespresso Vertuo Machine, I have a solution if you really want to have one!

You can go with any chocolate-flavored pod and pair it up with Starbucks Powdered chocolate to give you the taste of hot chocolate.

Let’s make you a hot chocolate cup with your Nespresso Vertuo machine!

  • Prep time: 2 mints
  • Serving size: 1



Let’s make Hot Chocolate

  1. Add milk of your choice into your frother and add vanilla essence to your milk.
  2. Add Starbucks Chocolate Powder to your milk.
  3. Press the button to form a lather.
  4. Install the vertuo pod in your machine and hit the button.
  5. Introduce foamy milk to your hot cup.
  6. Add Vanilla ice cream atop your cup.
  7. Drizzle Chocolate syrup over your cup.
  8. Voila! Your Hot chocolate is ready to indulge!

I tried my best to cover the process by how you can make Hot Chocolate with your VertuoLine machine. It will not be exactly the Hot Chocolate, but you will get the luxurious taste of chocolate from your VertuoLine machine like that. 

How to Improve the Taste of Your Hot Chocolate?

You can improve the taste of your hot chocolate cup in many ways. You can enhance it further by trying these tips:

  • Add the ice cream of your choice.
  • Add vanilla essence to your cup.
  • Try changing the milk. You can count on Coconut milk for a luxurious cup.

To reach the Hot chocolate of your dreams, you should pass through the process of trial and error. See which thing would go with your cup and taste buds to make it beyond just a hot chocolate. Since there are no golden rules, it is upto you how you want your hot chocolate to turn out and make it a little more than just a cup. 


I’ve covered some of the best Nespresso Hot chocolate pods in the article, and I hope you found your go-to cup; it’s easy to make a hot chocolate cup at home and enjoy the treat. If you’re a Nespresso user who loves experimenting with their coffees to take out the best flavors from the pod, making hot chocolate would be your cup of tea. 

You need to consider what could act as an allergen for you while making hot chocolate with a pod. Know your cup well enough to indulge in the flavors. Set your Nespresso Machine and make the most amazing Hot chocolate cup of your life.

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