Nespresso Vertuo Next Solid or Blinking White Light

How to Solve Nespresso Solid or Blinking White Light Issue

Nespresso Vertuo Next has gained popularity among coffee lovers due to its convenience and all-in-one functionality. However, it’s not uncommon for Vertuo Next to encounter solid or blinking white light.

If you’re experiencing this problem with your Nespresso, don’t worry. Many other owners have faced similar challenges and have shared their questions on various forums.

In this piece, we’ll provide you with step-by-step instructions to fix the solid or blinking white light issue on your Nespresso Vertuo, ensuring you can get back to enjoying your favorite coffee.

When Nespresso White Light Should Be Expected

To effectively troubleshoot the solid or blinking white light on your Nespresso Vertuo, it’s essential to understand the different instances when this light should be expected. Here are the four main scenarios where you might encounter a white light:

White Light StatusMeaning
Steady white illuminated buttonReady Mode
White regular blinking once per secondStart Coffee preparation
White light pulsing up: lighting up to steady ON, then OFFMachine Heating Up
White light blinking twice per secondSoftware Update

Heating Up – During the heating process, the light will pulse to a steady white light and then turn off continuously. This indicates that the machine is in the process of heating up and preparing to brew your coffee.

Ready Mode – Once the Vertuo machine has completed the heating process, the light will turn into a solid white. This signifies that the machine is ready to brew your coffee.

Coffee Preparation – When you insert a Nespresso pod into the Vertuo and press the brewing button, the light will start blinking white once per second. This blinking indicates that the coffee preparation is in progress and will continue until the brewing is complete.

Software Update – If your Nespresso Vertuo is updating its software, the light will flash white twice per second. This signals that the machine is in the process of updating and should return to normal once the update is complete.

If you notice a white light at any other time or if your Nespresso Vertuo is not functioning correctly, there may be an error with the machine. Some users suspect that a faulty software update could be the cause. Let’s explore the steps to fix this issue.

Common Issues with Nespresso Vertuo Next

Although the Nespresso Vertuo Next boasts unique features like Bluetooth connectivity and pour-over coffee pods, it is not immune to technical issues. In fact, this model has faced several design changes since its launch, but unfortunately, these modifications haven’t improved its reliability. As a result, owners of the Vertuo Next have reported more problems compared to other Nespresso models. Here are some of the most common issues faced by Vertuo Next users:

  1. Leakage of Coffee or Water
  2. Weak or Plastic-like Taste in Coffee
  3. Orange or Red Blinking Light Error Codes
  4. Blue or Purple Light Error

These problems have left many customers dissatisfied with their purchase. Unfortunately, the machine manual provides minimal information regarding the solid or blinking white light error on the Nespresso Vertuo Next.

How To Fix Nespresso Vertuo Solid White Light Issue

If you notice a white light on your Vertuo Next outside of the expected scenarios mentioned earlier and the machine is not functioning properly, there may be an error that needs to be addressed. Some users suspect a faulty software update could trigger this issue. Here are some potential fixes you can try:

1. Basic and Easy Fixes

  • Ensure that the water tank is correctly positioned. Remove it, fill it up, and firmly return it to its place.
  • If there is no coffee pod in the pod holder, the machine might flash a white light, preventing it from operating correctly.
  • Confirm that the machine head is correctly locked. Make sure the lever is fully raised to the lock position.
  • Check if the coffee pods are securely inserted by rotating them until they snap into place.

2. Rotate the Spinner Manually

If the previous solutions didn’t resolve the issue, you can attempt to manually spin the spinner. Follow these steps:

  1. Ensure that the machine is turned off, and then open the machine head.
  2. Locate the spinner knob and rotate it manually 3 to 4 times using your fingers. Make sure there are no foreign objects obstructing the spinner. If you find any foreign objects, remove them using a brush and water.
  3. After successfully spinning the knob, turn the machine back on.

3. Factory Reset the Machine

If the solid white light issue persists, you can try performing a factory reset your Vertuo. Follow these steps:

  1. Verify that the machine is plugged into a power source.
  2. Open the machine head and remove any capsules present in the machine.
  3. Close the machine head and leave the lever in an unlocked position.
  4. Press the “Coffee” button five times within three seconds.
  5. The orange light will flash five times and then change to a steady white light.
  6. Your machine is now reset.

4. Descale the Keurig

In some instances, the Nespresso Vertuo Next may emit an orange light to indicate that a descaling process is required. Some users have reported resolving the solid or blinking white light issue by performing a descaling procedure.

5. Contact Nespresso Support

If you’ve exhausted all the aforementioned methods without success, it’s recommended to reach out to Nespresso support for further assistance. The Nespresso support team is available 24/7 and can help you troubleshoot the problem with your coffee machine. They may also provide a replacement if necessary. Ensure you have your machine’s serial number ready when contacting them to ensure accurate support.

Contact Nespresso support by calling them at 1-800-623-033. They will verify the warranty status of your machine and provide the appropriate assistance.


Experiencing a solid or blinking white light issue on your Nespresso Vertuo Next can be frustrating, especially if you rely on your coffee machine daily. However, by following the troubleshooting steps outlined in this article, you should be able to resolve the problem and enjoy your coffee again without interruption. Remember to try basic fixes, manually rotate the spinner, and perform a factory reset if necessary. If all else fails, don’t hesitate to contact Nespresso support for further assistance. With these steps, you’ll be back to brewing delicious coffee in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is my Nespresso Vertuo Next showing a solid white light?

The solid white light on your Nespresso Vertuo Next indicates that the machine is in the ready mode, signaling that it’s prepared to brew your coffee.

What does it mean when the white light blinks once per second?

If the white light on your Vertuo Next blinks once per second, it signifies that the coffee preparation process is underway, and your coffee will be ready soon.

Why does the white light pulse up on my Vertuo Next?

The white light pulsing up on your Vertuo Next indicates that the machine is heating up and will soon be ready to brew your coffee.

What should I do if the basic fixes don’t resolve the solid white light issue?

If the basic fixes, such as checking the water tank and ensuring secure pod insertion, don’t fix the issue, you can try manually rotating the spinner or performing a factory reset as described in the article.

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